Good Questions

Podcast series ‘Good question’ is an initiative launched by the youth science council and the office of the advanced sciences to provide the community with insights from experts in various fields of science, engineering and technology in the UAE by interviewing scientists and people involved in the pursuit of science to learn more about what science is, what scientists do, and what value science adds to society and the world.

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Mar 2020 26 min 55 sec

Why Are We Going to Mars? with Omran Sharaf

Mar 2020 44 min 23 sec

Why Are We Searching for Dark Matter? with Dr. Laura Manenti

Mar 2020 26 min 55 sec

How Can We Help Conserve Endangered Species? with Hind Al Ameri

Feb 2020 47 min 59 sec

How Has Farming Evolved in the Past Decades with AlMaha AlMuhairi

Feb 2020 42 min 13 sec

How Does Your Lifestyle at 20 Affect Your Health at 60 with Dr. Alawi Alsheikh Ali

Jan 2020 49 min 40 sec

Can Humans Live on Mars with Noora Alsaeed

Jan 2020 54 min 6 sec

How Will Blockchain Technology Change the Future with Dr. Marwan Alzarouni

Dec 2019 52 min 5 sec

What Can We Find in Our Local Marine Ecosystem with Dr. Aaron Bartholomew

Dec 2019 51 min 19 sec

Why Do We Need to Vaccinate Our Children with Dr. Fatima Al Dhaheri

Nov 2019 35 min 19 sec

How Does Material Science Affect Our Lives with Dr. Ghanim Kashwani

Nov 2019 45 min 2 sec

How Can Science Help Keep Our Communities Safe with Dr. Rashed Alghafri

Oct 2019 27 min 22 sec

How Can We Better Understand Mental Health with Dr. Alaa Galadari

Oct 2019 42 min 20 sec

What is the Role of Engineers in the Future with Matthew Karau

Oct 2019 1 hr

How has Human Activity Transformed the Earth with Dr. Aisha Al-Suwaidi

Sep 2019 47 min

What is Astrophotography with Thabet AlQaissieh

Sep 2019 35 sec

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