About The Council

The Emirates Scientists Council aims to create an environment conducive to innovation and scientific research in the country and raise the impact of scientific research by representing the scientific community nationally and internationally, attracting and building a generation of scientists in various scientific fields, and stimulating cooperation among research institutions in all sectors (government, private and higher education).

The Council was established in 2016 with an aim to transform the UAE from a knowledge consumer to a knowledge producer. It came at an important stage of the UAE's development process, shifting the focus to the development of a knowledge-based economy, and the enablement of a post-oil economy. The focus reflects the vision of the UAE's leadership in building a better tomorrow for all the people in the UAE.

To fulfil its mandate, the Council provides scientific to the  government and proposes policies and strategies in various scientific fields. The Council meets at least four times annually, and the Department of Science and Technology Policies and Programs at the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology performs its general secretariat duties.



Minister of State for Public Education and Advanced Technology

Her Excellency Sarah bint Yousef Al Amiri is the UAE Minister of State for Public Education and Advanced Technology and Chairperson of the UAE Emirates School Establishment and  the UAE Space Agency.

In her role as Minister of State for Advanced Technology, her Excellency spearheads the UAE Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology’s efforts to empower the adoption of Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies and promote research and development in the advanced science and technology sector, in order to create new industries that drive the shift towards a knowledge economy. This, in turn, contributes to the overall mandate of the Ministry to strengthen the UAE’s industrial base, ensure in-country value, and raise the competitiveness of local industries